Letterhead Printing Singapore

Letterhead printing results in an A4 size document printed with the company’s logo, address and contact details in the header. Businesses often engage letterhead printing services in Singapore as they use these documents for the writing of cover letters, quotations, invoices or any other official documents.


When deciding on letterhead printing, the logo, business card and envelope designs should be considered thoroughly. As documents with the letterhead printing on them will go out to clients, the design matters in creating an effective and memorable impression on your business prospects and partners.


We offer letterhead printing in the following dimensions and materials in Singapore:


A4 – 210MM X 297MM


80gsm Woodfree

100gsm Woodfree

120gsm Woodfree

100gsm Conqueror Laid (Textured)

100gsm Conqueror Wove (Smooth)

Printing lead time: 7 to 10 working days after confirmation of artwork.


Axpert Print also offers free delivery of your letterhead printing documents.


What To Include In Letterhead Printing


Letterhead printing is not limited to just papers or envelopes, they can be implemented on your business cards, brochures and flyers. Like name cards, letterhead printing is another effective way to reinforce and solidify your brand identity through a cycle of recognition and endorsement.


When you engage letterhead printing services in Singapore, be sure to include these elements:


1. Company Name
2. Logo or Brand Slogan
3. Company Contact Information
4. Website, Email and LinkedIn


Whilst keeping all these in mind, businesses also need to put some thought into the overall design of their letterhead printing – it should successfully deliver the message to the recipients while remaining memorable with branding.


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80gsm Woodfree

Quantity1C X 0C2C X 0C3C X 0C
1000 pcs$110.00$140.00$170.00
2000 pcs$170.00$210.00$260.00

100gsm Woodfree

Quantity1C X 0C2C X 0C3C X 0C
1000 pcs$120.00$150.00$180.00
2000 pcs$180.00$230.00$270.00

120gsm Woodfree

Quantity1C X 0C2C X 0C3C X 0C
1000 pcs$160.00$190.00$220.00
2000 pcs$220.00$270.00$310.00

100gsm Conqueror Laid / Wove

Quantity1C X 0C2C X 0C3C X 0C
1000 pcs$220.00$250.00$280.00
2000 pcs$380.00$420.00$460.00
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