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Customised Desk Calendar Printing Singapore

A customised desk calendar is an appropriate and unique gift for customers nearing the year end. Instead of simply settling for generic calendars in the market, consider our customised desk calendar printing service available in Singapore.


Our customised desk calendar allows for the printing of your business products and services onto the calendar. This allows for your calendar to serve more than just a purpose and thus is much more meaningful a gift.


Whether you are looking to get the customised desk calendar for a colleague or client, they serve as good gifts for any occasion – Christmas, or even birthdays. A customised desk calendar is a perfect way to add some decorative elements and visual appeal to your desk at work. Consult us for our printing services available in Singapore.


Why Get A Customised Desk Calendar?


Desk calendars are a functional yet beautiful gift. Everyone needs one at their workdesk! If you are someone who prefers functional gifts, a customised desk calendar is an innovative way of gifting a colleague or client with a personal yet useful gift.


The benefits of a customised desk calendar include the opportunity for you to reinforce the brand identity of your company whilst keeping costs low and maintaining a fun and interactive marketing method. For customised desk calendar printing, consider our services available in Singapore.


Here are the different calendar sheets and materials available:

Calendar Sheet:

7-sheets calendar

8-sheets calendar

13-sheets calendar

14-sheets calendar

Sizes of stand available:

6” x 8.5” (Portrait)

8.5” x 6” (Landscape)


Standee – 70gsm Chipboard (Standard Blue or Black)

Calendar Sheet – 230gsm Artcard

Printing lead time: 13 to 15 working days after confirmation of artwork


Axpert Print offers free delivery of products upon completion.


SIZE: 6`` X 8.5`` (PORTRAIT)

Quantity500 pcs1000 pcs2000 pcs
6″ X 8.5″ (PORTRAIT) – 7 SHEETS$4.40 / pc$3.00 / pc$2.40 / pc
6″ X 8.5″ (PORTRAIT) – 8 SHEETS$4.60 / pc$3.20 / pc$2.50 / pc
6″ X 8.5″ (PORTRAIT) – 13 SHEETS$6.00 / pc$4.00 / pc$3.00 / pc
6″ X 8.5″ (PORTRAIT) – 14 SHEETS$6.20 / pc$4.20 / pc$3.20 / pc

SIZE: 8.5`` X 6`` (LANDSCAPE)

Quantity500 pcs1000 pcs2000 pcs
8.5″ X 6″  (LANDSCAPE) – 7 SHEETS$4.50 / pc$3.10 / pc$2.50 / pc
8.5″ X 6″ (LANDSCAPE) – 8 SHEETS$4.70 / pc$3.30 / pc$2.60 / pc
8.5″ X 6″ (LANDSCAPE) – 13 SHEETS$6.10 / pc$4.10 / pc$3.10 / pc
8.5″ X 6″ (LANDSCAPE) – 14 SHEETS$6.30 / pc$4.30 / pc$3.30 / pc

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Not only do we provide customised desk calendar printing services, Axpert Print also provides sticker label, name card,  and invoice book printing in Singapore.


For any enquiries on customised calendars, please send an email to or Whatsapp to +65 8818 7787 for a quotation indicating your printing specification and quantity.

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