Brochure Printing Services Singapore

Brochures are informative communication tools often used for advertising or as instruction guides that are to be distributed to customers. Corporate companies also tend to use business brochures as a marketing tool to promote their products and services to their potential customers.


You may think, are brochures really that necessary for the highly digital world that we live in today? You might be surprised to discover that brochures still remain as an important part of the marketing funnel for most businesses today.


A well-designed brochure can help your business reinforce a stronger brand. Axpert Print offers brochure printing services for in Singapore to aid them in boosting the face of their business. Here are several ways brochure printing services can come in handy for your business in Singapore:


    1. Improve the visibility of your company
    2. Marketing to new customers
    3. Good tools for networking opportunities at trade shows or events


Engage our team for brochure printing services in Singapore to expand your marketing distribution channels today.


What Are The Brochure Printing Services Like?


We understand that different businesses use a variety of methods or desire a mix of methods in their brochure printing strategies. Our services encompass a mix of materials and methods to suit your business needs.


Here are a variety of materials that we provide for our brochure printing services:


128gsm Artpaper

157gsm Artpaper

Sizes available:

A3 fold to A4 size

A4 fold to A5 size

A4 fold to DL size

A5 fold to A6 size

Printing lead time: 7 to 10 working days after confirmation of artwork

Axpert Print offers free delivery of products upon completion.


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Aside from brochure printing services, Axpert Print also provides sticker label, name card, and invoice book printing in Singapore.


For more enquiry on brochure printing, please send an email to or Whatsapp to +65 8818 7787 for a quotation indicating your printing specification and quantity.

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